next up…Banff!!!

Tomorrow morning I will be headed out to Banff in Alberta, Canada for a long weekend.  I have been dreaming about this place for SO long and cannot believe that I'm actually headed there in the winter.  Although there will be many things I will be unable to do (because avalanches are apparently a serious … Continue reading next up…Banff!!!

Acadia National Park 

This weekend in order to escape all things related to the election, I booked a flight to Maine on Thursday to leave Friday after work. I figured that I would be safe of politics in Acadia National Park. This place has been on my "short term" places to go to for awhile now and I … Continue reading Acadia National Park 

I think I have an election hangover…Cure? Outdoors.

It has been just short of three days since the United States selected the 45th president to be Donald Trump. In the time since this was announced, I have seen the worst in people come out. I am so disappointed to see how some people that I really respect have treated others, made rash generalizations, … Continue reading I think I have an election hangover…Cure? Outdoors.

Q & A with The Poor Little Rich Girl

I think that my blogging hiatus is finally up.  Over the next few weeks {ok, probably months} you'll notice the site going through a makeover. Nicole, at The Poor Little Rich Girl, recently saw some of my pictures from a trip I took this Memorial Day to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.  She wanted … Continue reading Q & A with The Poor Little Rich Girl