Lessons That Toys Taught Children in the 90’s [part one]

If you grew up as a kid in the 90’s, you know how awesome our toys were.  In my opinion, the stuff we had was amazing.  We were the last generation to have toys that didn’t have us glued to a TV or internet.  In honor of the 90’s, I took a look back at some of the toys and the lessons that I learned from them.  Heres to part one of “Lessons That Toys Taught Children in the 90’s”

photo courtesy of yzgeneration.com
photo courtesy of yzgeneration.com

Playing pogs taught us 90’s kids how to gamble at a young age.  The game was simple, stack pogs, throw a slammer on the stack, and keep the ones that landed face up.  I feel like this game ruined friendships and tore families apart – because God forbid you lost your favorite pogs in a heated match.  The worst was losing a slammer and I’m not going to even go there.  Whoever thought of this “game” was a pure genius.


2. Tamagotchis

Tamagotchis taught me responsibility – because there is no better way to convince your parents to get you a pet than taking care of a digital pet, right?  I distinctly remember taking mine to Catholic school as a kid – because I obviously didn’t want it to die.  Things got a little out of hand, I distinctly remember having at least 7 at one point in time.  To me this has to be equivalent to having at least 2 human children.  Of course, despite my attentive care, they all usually died of a mysterious digital plague and I learned nothing from them.

photo courtesy of childrenofthenineties.blogspot.com
photo courtesy of childrenofthenineties.blogspot.com
3. Talkboy

I think it’s pretty obvious what we were taught to do when we got a Talkboy – it clearly taught me how to spy.  With this, I automatically was a detective.  I was also taken more seriously with this version than the Talkgirl (because a bright pink and purple recorder is so illogical).  I am sure that my parents regretted this purchase.  I could easily use their words against them.  “You said I could do this” or “You said you would buy me this.”  You could easily also use this toy to manipulate your siblings (sorry sis). The Talkboy was the ultimate toy – until, of course, you would run out of batteries or cassettes.

photo courtesy of photo2go.com
photo courtesy of photo2go.com
4. Boombox

Not only was the cordless boombox one of the first cool ways to listen to the radio, it also taught me how to cleverly pirate music.  As a 90s kid, when you weren’t playing outside, you could probably be found sitting next to your boombox listening to the HITS radio station just waiting for a certain song to come on so you could record it to your cassette tape for your safe keeping and anytime enjoyment.  To us, this wasn’t stealing, we were simply borrowing it – clearly different than today.

photo courtesy of http://furbysforsale.com
photo courtesy of http://furbysforsale.com
5. Furby

You may think the Furby taught some real life lesson, but the only thing it taught me was how annoy a toy can actually be.  I feel like my parents had to wait in line forever or spend an unGodly amount of money for me to get this toy that couldn’t be held on the shelves.  I’m sorry.  This thing was so awful.  I distinctly remember shoving this devilish creature into a dark corner of my bathroom because it wouldn’t shut up.  When it still kept talking I took out the batteries, thereby ending it’s talkative life forever.


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