I think I have an election hangover…Cure? Outdoors.

It has been just short of three days since the United States selected the 45th president to be Donald Trump. In the time since this was announced, I have seen the worst in people come out. I am so disappointed to see how some people that I really respect have treated others, made rash generalizations, pointed fingers, and just spewed hate from all sides. I know that everything is really fresh and people on both sides are really passionate about their beliefs but my hope is that the dust settles sooner than later and that we can start taking proactive measures to solve some of these issues.

In the end, instead of throwing out ridiculous labels, or saying rude things, wouldn’t it be better if instead, you did something nice for someone else? I think that at an individual level we need to just be kind to one another and watch out for each other…it’s really just that simple. Mind your own business, and stop saying things that are going to only make things worse. Take your energy and funnel it into something good. Go volunteer, give someone a compliment, buy the person’s coffee behind you, whatever. This is how we change things. I really feel that my generation is quite rational and accepting – maybe I’m wrong. I’m not a minority and I can only empathize about the struggles that others go through…but I really do think that us “millennials” are truly good natured people. I do know that I have stepped in and stopped situations that I knew weren’t right my whole life. I’m sure I can do more. I’m sure we all can do more. But lets do by actually doing something rather than sitting here talking about it.

After all this negativity I saw this picture yesterday on the US Interior’s Instagram. Twenty minutes later I bought a flight to go to Portland, Maine this evening. I fly there from Atlanta after work today and drive to Acadia National Park tonight. I will get to Schoodic Point early Saturday morning and watch the sunrise in this exact spot. I think this will be a good reminder of the beauty that is still here. Hopefully, when I get back on the grid Monday, things will have settled down some.

I hope that you have a great weekend and that you do something to make someone smile in the process.


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