The Not So Obvious: It’s not a called a “Doctor” stethoscope


I’m fiercely defensive of my family and friends…and all that they come with.  What I saw today really struck a nerve seeing as both my sister and mom (as well as other family members and friends) are nurses.

If you have not seen it, Miss Colorado 2016 decided to do an original monologue on a conversation between she and one of her Alzheimer’s patients.  She came out in scrubs and a stethoscope and told a really touching and genuine moment she had with this man who was struggling with his disease and prognosis.  This is something far from the glitzy baton routines or opera singing that we routinely see for the “Talent” portion of the competition.  It you have not seen it, I recommend watching it here.

What Miss Colorado did for her talent portion is a touching reminder to all of us of what nurses actually do.  They do not merely just give pills and check blood pressure.  They are a very important figure in, often, the most difficult and trying times of people’s lives.  This is something that should never be taken for granted.

Today on “The View,” the women found the time to completely mock and insult the profession while also poking fun of the nurses story.  See that here.

I do not know where these women, who simply sit around a table with some coffee and gossip each morning get off downgrading people who are selflessly changing and saving lives each day.  When was the last time one of them saved a life?

When I was really young, my mom decided to go to nursing school and I remember the day she graduated thinking how cool that was.  She decided to work the night shift for most of our childhood, which maximized the time she was able to spend with us after her 12+ hour shifts (since she could sleep while we were at school).  This is just one of her many sacrifices as a nurse.  Have you ever thought about how messed up your sleep schedule is when you work nights?  I cannot imagine it is anything like that of having a 9-5.  For most of her career, she worked in the ER.  This is one of the most demanding (physically, mentally, and emotionally) positions in nursing (in my opinion).

Let’s not even get into the insane amount of hours and the on-call time they have to do.  Getting the call at all hours of the day and night to come in and be ready.  I could go on forever and ever…

Her “doctor” stethoscope has saved many lives.  In fact, as I write this her and her “doctor” stethoscope have been working for over 14 hours.

Stop and think about things for just a second Joy.  It’s the nurses providing a majority of the care in a hospital.  Doctors are limited, and therefore, so is their time with each patient.

Most nurses also go above and beyond what they are hired to do. They are not only your caregiver. They are at times called to be your friend, your confidante, your support, your guide, your only friend and maybe even your spirit animal…and they are.

They respect and treat you as a human, not your ailment.

When I went to college I knew that I wanted to go into the medical profession.  Unfortunately life, big classes, and chemistry happened and so I found myself a new path.  My sister, however, did follow in my mother’s footsteps and is now working as a nurse.

I know how hard they both work and know that their job entails a lot more than some people give it credit for (like teaching).  To have complete and utter disregard for what they do is insulting and I hope the women of “The View” realize this and publicly apologize for their complete ignorance.

God bless their next nurse.


2 thoughts on “The Not So Obvious: It’s not a called a “Doctor” stethoscope

  1. RMV

    As I read this last night at about 10pm, my wife (a nurse,your mother) was still at work from 7am yesterday morning. She ended up clocking out at 3:30 am; yes that’s 20.5 hours of work in one day! “Screw you, The View!”

  2. I LOVED the monologue. And yes, a monologue totally counts as a talent. I’ve seen women give dramatic monologues in other pageants. This just happened to be original. The View is just catty in general.

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