A full year of blogging is complete!

I cannot believe that a year ago today I launched this website.  I couldn’t have imagined that people would actually read it!  This year alone the site has had nearly 18,000 views with over 14,000 visitors spread across 78 countries and every continent (except Antarctica).  Notfornothingyall.com has also been featured on some great websites this year.  I cannot wait to see what 2015 has to offer.


As a look back, I wanted to link back to my 10 favorite posts of this year.

1. Things worse than Nickelback (part 1)

2. The Not So Obvious: Restaurant Etiquette

3. Guide for the First Time Homebuyer

4. [Re]Finding my Faith

5. 5 reasons to love the South

6. The True Strength of Depression – An Open Letter to Matt Walsh

7. The Not So Obvious: Don’t be Rude

8. Dining Room Makeover

9. Half-Marathon…check

10. My take on GA HB100 – Changing the cut off date for Kindergarten


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