My Take On Ferguson

photo courtesy of the new yorker
photo courtesy of the new yorker

*This has been edited from the original post.

I decided to come back and re-write this.  Not because my feelings have changed, but I feel that my points were lost with the emotions that I had felt while writing the first version and I’d left some things out.

There are a few things that I’d like to highlight:

1. Looting, rioting, violence and larceny are not going to solve anything.  These actions are only going to stoke the opposition.  Let your voices be heard peacefully.  It seems that there was a big (positive) change from the violence that ensued Monday night to the (mostly) peaceful ones from last night across the nation.  Do not silence your voices with violence.

2. Although Darren Wilson was not indicted, his life will never be “normal.”  He has had threats to himself and his family.  He will probably never feel safe.  The legal system may not be punishing him with prison time, but his life is forever changed.  He won’t be able to go the store like a normal person.  I definitely do not condone the treats, I’m just stating that it’s not like he is going back to his job and living a normal life.

3. The racist & ignorant comments from some of the people that support the decision are disgusting.  This is what is wrong with society.  I pray that our future generations become more tolerant and that this stops.

4. We all need to take a step back and try to take something from all of  this.  Nothing will ever bring Michael Brown back, but hopefully something positive – some change will happen.

5. Michael Brown was not completely innocent as many have implied that I thought he had done nothing wrong.  I’ve seen the video from him in the convenience store and I’ve seen the marks on Officer Wilson.  Do I think he should be dead? No, not at all.

6. We need to come together as a nation and stop being so divided.  With division comes us retracting.  Let’s all move forward.

7. Vote.  Be the change that you want.  Write to your Representatives, your President, get involved in your community.  Show your children a positive example, don’t just tell them.  Peacefully protest.  Do things to get your voice heard.

8. Stop with the stereotypes.  All of them.

That is all.



4 thoughts on “My Take On Ferguson

  1. A Police Officer

    I disagree. Being a police officer means that you have to make split second decisions. Once you decide that you are going to shoot, you shoot to kill. There is a popular misconception that you can just shoot someone in the leg or arm. From many years experience this is not how you are taught. Regardless of what people believe, the act of trying to disarm a police officer is always going to end with the use of deadly force. Common sense should dictate this. Have you ever tried to take a LEOs gun?

    The answer is no, most lawful people would never even think of that for a second.
    While a lot of people like yourselves see this as a black/white thing, trust me it’s not. It’s strictly a law enforcement issue. People love to cry racism but the truth of the matter is it ends the same way if Michael Brown was white. As for Officer Darren Wilsons conscience I think honestly from experience it is something he will live with every day for the rest of his life. I think it was said because he should have never been in front of a Grand Jury for doing his job.

    Louis Head, Michael Browns stepfather encouraged the aftermath of the verdict after saying “Burn this b—- down!”. Outraged or not he ignited what happened which was as far from a peaceful assembly as it gets. It was a unlawful assembly because people do not rob and burn things during a peaceful assembly. Tear gas was used to disperse what was quickly becoming an unruly mob. The police have a bit more experience with this matter then you and even though tensions were high, the use of force was used to try and disable a situation that quickly escalated. If not, more then likely there would have been more destruction.

    As for a civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is the same as a Grand Jury. Basically a Grand Jury only needs a preponderance of evidence for an indictment. It is not a trial where the jury decides if you are guilty of an act. It is a hearing that decides if you acted in a way that was unlawful. Usually if a person is indicted by a Grand Jury then a lawsuit will usually be successful. Since Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for any unlawful act, then a lawsuit will usually be tossed as frivolous.

    So as you write your take on this which is your right, think of my take on it. You sleep in your bed at night knowing that with one phone call someone will come and possibly save your life if needed, putting their own life in harms way without even thinking about it. I leave my house everyday not knowing if I will come home. While most people, even yourself have made this into a race issue did you ever think of the reality of it all? There are people out there that keep the peace. We risk our lives on a daily basis. It is a very unfulfilling job when people break something like this down to race. Whatever the persons color I would have acted in the same exact manner as Officer Darren Wilson did. Does that make me racist? The way I see it, it makes me a cop as the public calls us.

    1. I agree with him

      I agree with “A Police Officer.” Put yourself in that position. It is not a race issue, its a law issue which everyone seems to forget. Color of skin makes no difference in this matter. To the police officer, thank you and stay safe.

    2. Thank you for your response as well as your service! I think that what I wrote originally was largely misinterpreted and my point was lost. As you can see, I’ve revised the post. Stay safe and thank you for your selfless sacrifice to keep this country safe!

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