Fears Conquered From Living Between Two Cities

You may (or may not) have noticed I’ve not updated in longer than usual. In the beginning of October I started working on an engagement in NYC. Over the past few weeks I’ve been back and forth from Atlanta to Manhattan every single week. It’s been absolutely great but has definitely cut into the time I used to spend blogging.

This opportunity has forced me to conquer several fears and I’m very grateful for that.

1. Flying

As long as I can remember I haven’t been a huge fan of flying. Planes have always scared me and then 9/11 only reinforced the fear. Having been on around 10 flights in the past 5 weeks, I would say that this fear is definitely subsiding. I finally really believe that planes are safe, and I’m really glad I have finally (mostly) gotten over this.

2. Doing Things I Don’t Know How to Do

This engagement that I’ve been placed on is something completely different from the work I have done in the past 4 years. In my professional career, I have always been a software engineer. On this project, I’m working on the architecture that takes place before the development process – something completely new. I have little to no experience in this and so going in I was not very confident and had my doubts about how useful I would be in this position. I take my work very seriously and always strive to deliver a quality product. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do that. So far, I’ve learned a lot and things have gone smoothly. It is really great to get this experience and I think next time I go into something unknown I will have a better confidence that I will be able to do it well.

3. Crowds

I’m not sure if crowds is the appropriate word but just in general being crowded. I hate being shoved into spaces (planes, sidewalks, trains, airports, rooms, elevators) or feeling trapped. Working in Times Square has given me NO CHOICE than to embrace the crowd. Times Square is it’s own world. There are so many people everywhere. I can barely notice the crowds anymore. I also learn it’s not a good idea to ever walk down 7th as it’s jam packed always.

4. Doing things Alone

I’ve never been one to do things alone like for instance – go out to dinner by myself. Since I’m here for a better part of the week I have a LOT of alone time. I do not hate this at all anymore and have found a lot of peace in it. Although I’m still a little weirded out by going out to eat alone (party of one), I have gotten so much better.

I’m really grateful for this experience and hope to add more things to this list. This has been quite the journey and still will be for the coming months as I continue to commute between ATL and NYC. I am definitely looking forward to the beauty of New York during the Holiday Season!a


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