Why Us Basic’s <3 Fall

Fall is clearly the most superior season.  Here are just a few reason’s that us basic’s like fall:


1. Going to the mountains to look at leaves

2. Wearing combat and riding boots – because they aren’t those God awful UGG boots

3. Replacing all dresses, skirts, and shorts with leggings

4. Relishing in the moment you drink your first PSL of the season – soy with no whipped of course

5. Laying in a hammock in a park

6. Corn maze / pumpkin patch

7. Buying enough candles from B&BW to make your home smell like leaves, apples, and pumpkin everything

8. Pumpkin spice everything – seriously

9. Flannel

10. Football, Football, Football!!! GOOOOOO DAWGS!

11. Sweater/Hoodie weather

12. Hot Toddies

13. Always cozying up with a blanket

14. Windows down in the car weather

15. Pumpkin carving

16. Fires!



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