Dining Room Makeover

It’s been weeks (months) in the works.

Finally, my hard work refinishing my parent’s old kitchen table has paid off.

My little sister used this old table in college and it took quite a beating.  When she moved home and I needed a new dining room set, I knew it could be saved.  When I got it, this is what it looked like.

IMG_2417IMG_2418 IMG_2424


They table top had definitely had it’s better days – there were     water stains and scratches all over.

I did my research and quickly found the items that I would need to get this job done:


-Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer

-Glidden Premium Paint in Deep Onyx (Flat)

Purdy XL 2 in paint brush (as well as some smaller ones I had)

Paint tray/stirrer/tarp

Varathane Polyurethane (Satin; not pictured)

Since this table was an absolute mess, I had to make sure that I primed it really well to get everything even.  I did some light sanding where there were scratches.  I primed two coats on each piece.

IMG_2420 IMG_2421


In this picture, there is only one coat on the pieces.  After two coats and about a day of drying, I started on the black.  The primer really had evened out the texture of the wood.



The chairs took me FOREVER to paint – I thought that those little spindles were going to be the end of me.

After many many nights of painting, I finally was done – with the addition of two gorgeous tufted nailhead Lydia chairs from World Market, my transformation was finally complete.

IMG_2887 IMG_2896


I look forward to many wonderful dinner parties to come!





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