Things I just CANT … (part 1)

There are things in this world that I simply just…CANT.  Here are a few of them.

1. Car eyelashes

For these, I have no words.  Why would you do this??  Your car is not a person, it doesn’t have eyes and surely doesn’t need eyelashes.  I wish that I could remember the thoughts that ran through my head the first time I saw this atrocity, but thankfully I have completely blacked that out of my memory.

2. Chipotle


Just NO!  I am so saddened with the whole “Chipotle is better than Moes” argument.  You are invalidated for so many reasons.  For one, the food is SO BLAND, and their whole “locally” blah blah blah is such a scam!  I wish I had the article I read about how all their tactics are fraudulent but I can’t find it.  Number two…no queso. WHAT? No. And third, you want me to pay for chips?!? Yet another no.  There is a whole website devoted to why it sucks.  I agree.  Moes for life.

3. Roses

Boys, get a little more creative when you give your girl roses.  They are so played out and die after like 3 days…plus they are expensive (you’re welcome I just saved you money)!  Put a little thought into your kind gesture.  Give your girl some tulips, lilies, a potted plant.  Literally give her anything but roses.

4. Subscription emails

Waking up to an inbox filled with junk used to be something I would dread every single morning.  Thankfully there is a new app/website called unroll me that will literally change your life.  I went from probably a hundred emails a day to maybe 10.  This site is amazing.

5. Waking up before your alarm goes off

It’s the worst when you wake up long before your alarm goes off.  If you’re anything like me, falling back asleep is almost impossible.  This is especially terrible when you end up waking up on a weekend when all you wanted to do was sleep in until 9, and your body wakes you up sooner than you usually would get up for work.

6. “Hotlanta”

STOP USING THIS PHRASE.  It is blasphemy on our city.  It’s ATLANTA.  Yes, it’s HOT, but so are thousands of other cities and no one is putting “HOT” in place of the first three letters of them.  Just stop.  We don’t like it, and never will.

7. Mail

With all of my bills seemingly being on auto-pay or email only, it’s a shame so many trees are being cut down to send me paper bills and complete junk that goes straight in the trash.  The coupons that get shoved in my mailbox drive me nuts!  Can I unsubscribe from (most) mail?

8. Racing stripes on a luxury car

The other week I saw a really nice black Lexus with white racing stripes slathered across it.  I nearly cried, then nearly tried to find the tortured soul that thought this was a good idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racing stripe hater. But there are only certain cars where this works.  A Lexus is NOT one of them


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