Good Reads : “My Story” by Elizabeth Smart


There are few stories that have dominated the media the way that the kidnapping of fourteen year old Elizabeth Smart did in 2002. Smart, a member of the Mormon church, was kidnapped at knifepoint in the middle of the night while her family slept in the home.  In “My Story” Elizabeth describes everything that happened to her from beginning to end.

During the next nine months, Elizabeth finds the courage and strength needed to survive. Each day she seems to endure a new type of Hell by her captors Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee. The torture, sexual assault, hunger and pain she endure sustains during her enslavement is unimaginable.

Smart describes many times when it seems she is about to get rescued, but the hold and fear that Mitchell has put on her slowly deteriorates this as a possibility. Still though, she finds the will to survive. Tiny miracles occur throughout that keep her going and don’t allow her to give up.

As we all know, Smart is eventually rescued nine months later. Instead of her holding grudges, she promises to not become a victim and let her captors keep hold on the rest of her life that she has to live. Her outlook on life and faith is truly inspiring. This book shows true human strength and courage.


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