How to create the perfect floral arrangement

Having fresh flowers in my home is an absolute MUST.  Especially since I’ve moved into my condo, I try to keep fresh flowers around most of the time.  For a long time, I struggled with lumpy, uneven arrangements.  Some of them would look great – until I moved them and the flowers moved all over the place.  I’ve found the perfect solution to fix this and wanted to share it.





Vase (I’m using a short one which is about 3 inches high)



1. Take a piece of tape slightly longer than the width of the vase.  Cut the tape length wise in half so that you have two long pieces.  Place these on the vase, with room between where stems will fit.  Be sure not to make them too close or this will make it very hard to put flowers in later.


2. Continue this until you have one side done, cut the tape so that it isn’t too long down your vase and tape the edges down – it doesn’t matter how bad this looks as it won’t show (I promise)


3.  Now, do the exact same thing to the other side until you have a grid (sorry for the really blurry picture, but you get the idea)


4. Now for the fun!  Grab your flowers.  I like to choose small flowers when doing this sort of arrangement and my go-to is often times spray roses.  They tend to last awhile and have narrow stems which makes arranging them a lot easier than something with thick stems.


5. Fill your vase with water and flower food and then start arranging from the edges around – save the center for last.  It is important to cover the edges well and to leave longer stems for the center.


6. And you’re done!  Enjoy your perfect arrangement!  The best part about this, is that one tape job lasts a LONG TIME.  I even throw my vases on the top rack and they withstand the dish washer!



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