I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a LOT of posts lately on Instagram and Facebook with #100happydays tagged.  I guess that it is more or less self explanatory but I finally looked into what it is all about.

I googled “100 happy days” and read through the main website http://100happydays.com.  It’s basically a social media experiment to see if you can post a picture every day of something that makes you happy and categorize it with a hashtag for tracking.  The picture can be absolutely anything.  It sounds easy enough, right?  WRONG!  Apparently 71% of the people that sign up do not complete the challenge.  According to the website, most attribute it to “lack of time.”

It really got me thinking.

Are we really that busy that we do not stop often enough to appreciate the small blessings in life?

Yes – I think so.

Personally, I think that sometimes I’m “too busy” and do not slow down enough to take in the small things.  I’m not though…being grateful takes no time at all.  Life is amazing, and if we all just slowed down a little we would treasure it a little more.  There is a lot that I sometimes take for granted.  I try to remember how good things are and to be thankful as much as I can, but there is always room for improvement.  I’ve noticed recently that I have been more grateful since I started volunteering at Children’s Healthcare on Sunday mornings.  I truly wish that I could harbor that grace for every second of every day.

For the next 100 days, I’m going to slow down a little.  Really observe and listen.  Try and take in every moment.  The Southern girl in me knows this way of life.  I think it’s time to let the Southern in me take over for this.

I invite you to join me in this challenge.  Go to the website and sign up, it doesn’t cost a thing (plus what is there to lose from being happier)! As an added bonus, if you are one of the 29% to complete the challenge, you get a little photo book of your 100 days!

Cheers to #100happydays!


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