Things worse than Nickelback (part two)

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I have been so busy lately and have had to abandon blogging for awhile.  I started working for a new company and also switched the account that I work on so things have been quite hectic.  I decided it was time for a new light-hearted post, so heres to part two of things that are worse than Nickelback.

1. Black Friday Shopping

There is nothing that makes Americans get back to their primitive roots more than Black Friday.  Some people will literally do anything to save a buck.  People actually risk their life to save $20 on the new Xbox or Bratz doll.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the Black Friday Death Count.  I hadn’t been in so long but this year my mom and I decided to venture out to do some shopping late on Thursday night when a lot of the deals started.  Although we did get some good deals, I’m not sure I can say it was worth it.  We ended up standing in line for literally hours, but thankfully were buying enough to make it “worth it.”

2. Honey

I do not think that there is anything more repulsive on this planet than honey.  There is NO WAY this stuff can be good for you.  I have never actually been one for honey, I don’t think my parents ever kept it in the house and I don’t think I’ve ever tried it.  My particular aversion to this repulsive goo started when I started working at Mellow Mushroom.  We had cinnamon honey pretzels on the menu and when you had to bring them to the table my hands would become covered in honey.  I mean HONEY EVERYWHERE.  The problem is that you cannot wash your hands enough times for this stuff to come off.  I feel like it stays on you forever.  There is no way the human body can digest this stuff.  I think I still have honey on me and have not served a table in almost 4 years.

3. Short Sleeve Button-Ups

Guys, just don’t.  I know it gets hot outside – especially in the deep south but do not do this to yourself.  Actually, I think everything Chelsea Fagan says in this should be taken to heart.  She says it better than I can.

4. Fluffy Steering Wheel Covers

My friend Nick pointed out how bad these things are.  There is no way that these can be sanitary.  When you take a long road trip and your hands start to clam up, all that sweat and nastiness is permanently going into the fibers of the steering wheel cover.  YUCK.  Bacteria breeding ground – plus they just don’t look cute.  Ever.

5. Cars With Rims Worth More Than The Car

I’m no expert, but I don’t think that rims are an integral part of your car’s performance.  Atlanta has a particular expensive rim-on-beat-up-car epidemic.  If your car sounds like a goat but you have 2,000 rims I can only wonder.  Do yourself a favor and put the old rims back on and get your car fixed before you end up on the side of I75 broken down.

6. People Who Say Something is Right When You KNOW for a Fact it is Wrong

It has taken me awhile, but I feel like I can better handle these people better now.  There is nothing worse than someone telling you something happened or is right when you know they are wrong – and they won’t admit it.  There are even people who still won’t accept they are wrong even after googling whatever it is and every result points to them being wrong.

7. Couples with One Facebook Page

I just do not understand this.  Not one bit.  You are technically two separate people, believe it or not.  This cannot be healthy for your relationship!  To me it shows a real lack of trust!  I promise it is OK for you to each have one.

8. Mind Going Blank

This always conveniently happens when you have something really important to say or present.  You could practice something a thousand times and still have this happen exactly when you don’t need it to.

9. People Who Still Listen To Nickelback

Are there people still buying albums/going to Nickelback concerts?  Are they still a band?

10. Congress

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3 thoughts on “Things worse than Nickelback (part two)

  1. I just can’t agree with you about honey. I LOVE it. I use it to sweeten my tea, I mix it with ginger and lime and toss it into some gin for an awesome martini, and it makes for the BEST pizza crust. Although, I can imagine the honey used at the Mellow Mushroom was probably not real honey. The honey you would buy at the grocery store or “in bulk” is A) half corn syrup, B) has industrially had all of its pollen removed, C) both A and B. Buy local, get it raw, and enjoy the savory sweetness of the best ingredient ever.

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