An Open Letter to COMCAST

***The picture depicted at the above is an actually screenshot I took doing a GOOGLE search for “Comcast is” – results were not manipulated, but are very telling***

To whomever may care at Comcast Cable –

It’s official. I just cannot take it anymore. After being forced into this relationship (as there were no other providers in the area before) with you for the past two years, I can finally see the light.

The near monopoly (in truth it is an oligopoly) that you hold on the Atlanta cable market has come with widespread effects – and it’s not a good look.

1. Prices are sky high!

Well – not at first. You sucked me in with your great introductory rate (not that there was another cable provider to choose from). Sure I’ll pay $79 a month for cable and internet. This is reasonable! I was given the impression that this rate was for a year. Then the bills slowly started to creep up. I was in fact only given this rate for 3 months until you started inching up the prices every few months to get me to the regular non-promotional price. You are sneaky – and I do not want that type of relationship with my cable provider!!!

2. How can I be charged for things I did not ask for?

Once again, you are sneaky! As my bill started to creep up, I finally decided to take a good look at the cable bill details (shame on me for not doing that to begin with every month – I just often pay my bills like clockwork without checking the fine print). Upon my investigation, I realized that I had been charged $10 a month for nearly SIX months for HBO. I had never watched HBO, did not even know we had it! Why? Because I never ordered it!!!

3. I have spent more hours of my last two years on the phone with your customer service department than I have on the phone with my Grandma (who I speak with often)

Things can never be resolved the first time I call you, and I mean NEVER. First, it will take a few minutes to get through all the automated hoopla (and the whole time you are just praying that you are choosing the right options so you don’t have to start all over). Once you’ve (hopefully) gotten to the end, you are typically put in a queue for the next available representative. This can range from another few minute to (the last time I called) over three hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Typically, after finally getting thru the queue I would get to talk to a person only for them to tell me that they could not help me and to call back “X” department. Then the process would repeat itself until eventually (usually after several hours or days) maybe the issue would get fixed.

4. Charging for people to come fix/replace (your) equipment after assuring that it was free of charge

This is just bad business on the most basic level. You should not tell someone that something you are doing for them or giving to them is free if it is not. Twice (I believe) I have had issues with (your) equipment (that I pay you every month to rent) and someone has come out to fix it. I was assured over the phone by the representative that this would be free of charge, even reassured by the technician upon their arrival. Somehow, however, I seem to always be charged for these – which, for me, just means more phone time with your customer service department (which does not make me happy).

5. Why do you even have customer service chat…they seem to never have the authority to resolve issues

I’ve tried your fancy high-tech customer service chat options a few times to avoid more unpleasant waits on the phone. You have to fill out a little form about your issue and then wait to get connected to a representative. Then the rep will ask for all kinds of information to verify your account. Once this is done, almost every single time the rep is not able to resolve my issue because they don’t have the right authority to. They then politely give me the phone number to call Comcast. So I still have to get on the phone, but I’ve just wasted even more time. Should have called to begin with…

6. Laughable offers to keep me as a customer

I called the other day to cancel my service as well as how I was getting my refund for the $30 I was charged for the (not-so-free [see #4]) technician to come replace our equipment. The agent told me that they valued me as a customer. So kind. She then asked that if she could get me the $30 I was charged refunded, would I stay with Comcast…Seriously? That is the worst offer ever, seeing as I was already getting that refund. You obviously really value me by not trying at all to keep me as a customer (not that much would have changed my mind).

I have switched to AT&T UVerse. I’ve heard mixed reviews about them, but in my opinion the level of customer service I’ve been getting is about at ground zero – so at this point, I don’t think much can go worse. To me it is worth it to know that you will no longer receive a penny of my hard-earned money. I hope that this letter gives you some insight. I know that I am far from the only person that feels this way and has had these issues.

I will never come back. Ever. I would even go without Real Housewives if you were the only option I had.

With no regrets,



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to COMCAST

  1. Frank

    Agree with you. Comcast has messed up my bill and line up many times. When I call I cannot find someone who can help me, they are clueless. And now they are going to get even bigger. Which will translate to lower customer satisfaction if that is possible.

    1. Frank-

      Thanks for your comment! If you have AT&T available in your area I would HIGHLY recommend switching. My bill is about $70 a month lower, I got $200 in visa gift cards from signing up and have had no issues. I also get many more channels.

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