I <3 NY

A large part of the month of January was spent up North in NYC & upstate New York to visit family and friends.  I hadn’t done the “tourist” thing up there in too long.  Chelsea and I managed to get to almost every iconic site in the city in a matter of a few days and survived a large amount of snow delivered to us via Polar Vortex.

On Sunday I went to mass at Blessed Sacrament.  The church was absolutely stunning and just a few blocks from where we were staying.  The pictures of the stained glass do not do it justice.  They were GIANT!!!  I had a good laugh that the priest had a very thick NY accent.  His message was really great and there was a baptism that took place during the service which made me tear up (not sure why, don’t judge).



On MLK, Chelsea and I did the most sightseeing. First, we went to the statue of Liberty.


The Ferry was FREEZING, but we somehow managed to make it to Ellis Island for a short while.



I found both of my paternal great-grandparents on the infamous wall from when they immigrated to the states from Czechoslovakia and Poland.

We didn’t stay at Ellis Island long, the ferry had made us both feel disoriented and a little crazy and all we wanted to do was get back to Manhattan.  After what seemed like the longest ride ever, we were back on ground that wasn’t moving.  As we made our way back to the apartment, we stopped at several other landmarks.  Obviously we had to check out all the awesome ice skaters in Rockefeller.


We also checked out St. Patricks (which I have never seen in such disarray…they are renovating on the inside and the outside and it looks, well, terrible), Radio City, Grand Central, Times Square, Broadway, as well as a few other things that have slipped my mind.

The next day, the Polar Vortex set free billions of little snowflakes upon the city.  It was BRUTALLY COLD, and the wind was roaring all day.  My friend Issac and I took some time to walk to Central Park and enjoy its beauty.  We even failed tried our luck with sledding.  Problem was, there was no sled.  Our yoga mats did not work as expected but we drug each other around on them a few times before admitting that they were not ideal.  In our defense, the snow was a little too fluffy to sled on.



After a few days, I went upstate and visited a lot of my family, played on a frozen lake with my Aunt, spent a lot of time with my grandma, stayed at my Aunt and Uncle’s cabin, and so much more.  We had a blast, and it was so good to see everyone!  My hometown is so beautiful with all of the mountains.


So that is that.  After delayed & overbooked flight issues, I finally made it home, almost 24 hours after my planned arrival.  I was welcomed back to Atlanta with what else…more snow!  I’ll just go ahead and state the obvious that it was much less fun dealing with snow here.  I am, however, thankful that it did not take me 10-20 hours to get home from work though.  I feel for everyone that was trapped, abandoned their car & walked miles home, and all the other stuff that ATL had to deal with.

I am sick of snow, and hope to not see it for the remainder of 2014.  Seriously.

(NOTE: All photos are mine, and should not be used without my permission)


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